Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Erasmus+ KA102 project requested

KA102 for our vocational studies of ICT

Our partners in the project are:
Project summary:

Our High School, IES Joan Ramis i Ramis is located on the island of Menorca and it offers two vocational studies in Computing Science (Intermediate and Higher Level). We are convinced that the mobilities of students and teachers allows the improvement of their technical and language skills, as well as their personal growth. Besides, it provides new experiences and the knowledge of the European cultural diversity.

Our institution has some experience sending students for a practical training and we have recently finished two Erasmus+ projects. For the moment our students have been doing stages in as diverse locations as Finland, Portugal, Italy, Wales and Germany. More information at our blog: http://ramisinternacional.blogspot.com.es/2017/01/alumnes-que-han-participat-en.html.

We have also experience receiving in our center a German expert in Web design and programming and also sending a teacher to the UK for training.

In the current project we want to send “Technician in Microcomputer Systems and Networks” students to our partners in Portugal with ErasmusPro. Before the students go there, one of our teaches will do a preparatory visit to the hosts companies. Our students are selected by mastering their technical knowledge, having a good English level to do their traineeships and being young, mature and enthusiastic people. We also appreciate their interest in learning the Portuguese language and the culture of our neighbor country.

Besides, the projects suggest the mobility of two of our teachers to our partners in Portugal to do a Job Shadowing visit. This would allow them to have an immersion in a real job environment adapted to the XXI century. Afterwards, they will be able two transmit their new knowledge to our students. Finally, we request the mobility for teaching of an expert to come to our institution. He or she would come to show students and teachers new the technologies related with our studies. We would include an event with local experts selected from the companies that cooperate with us for the practicals that our students do as their last subject: On Job Training.

Our center has a Quality system integrated in Google Drive. The Mobility Commission has managed for more than 8 years the European practicals of our students, the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, and the new Erasmus+ projects. Everything is done in a transparent way and is published in our Mobility Blogs:

  - http://ramisinternacional. (blog for our own students)
  - http://ramisinternational. (blog to get exposed to international access)

The expected result is the awareness of students that it is realistic to do a practical training abroad or even work in another European country. These are very enriching experiences, both personal and professionally. We have already some experience, as we have ex-students working at the UK that encourage our current students to follow their steps. We also expect to improve the linguistic knowledge of our students, especially in English.

Our goal is realistic: to have more students interested in the following years in participating in European projects. In this way, the impact of our activity will grow, and when our students start their professional career, they  will be able to transmit their experiences to the companies where they will work for.

In the long term and also thanks to other High School programs, as the Linguistic Plan (that allows teaching non linguistic subjects in English, in secondary education), we expect to have students with better language skills and more prepared to be updated in the last ICT technologies.

The project and its results will be promoted in our Blogs, Twitter, press releases and the platforms Etwinning EPALE and School Education Gateway. We are open to find new host companies and Educational Institutions of ICT to interchange students with them.