Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Erasmus+ student in CBTalents company - Portugal

Our student Joan Peláez, has been doing between March 26th and June 5th 2018 an Erasmus+ traineeship in Portugal, at the company CBTalents (CBT - www.cbtalents.com).

CBT is a company that works hard to improve the world of work. Their ambition is to contribute to solve the skills shortage challenge through consistently facilitating employment transitions in increasingly volatile and complex labor markets.

Joan in a videoconference with his tutor

The goal of the stay was to carry out the mandatory internship – on job training -  to obtain the degree in "Microinformatic systems and networks". It was embedded in an Erasmus + KA102 project (VET Mobility)

Our student has done the following tasks:
- Java programming language course
- Evaluation of an e-learning platform for Java Professional job recruiting business

Joan also got a direct knowledge of the real working-place dynamics. He had to Interact with colleagues from other countries, in Portuguese and English, both in person and in videoconference.

Tagus Park

Joan has lived in Oeiras, not far from his working place in TagusPark. He had some house mates from different countries and he could improve his language skills with them as well.
After his stay, Joan did a Portuguese language level test and he got a B1 level.

Joan in Sintra