Wednesday, December 21, 2011

IES Joan Ramis i Ramis de Maó awarded a charter EUCX (Erasmus University Charter) under the Lifelong Learning Programme

The Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency – EACEA has awarded our High School -IES Joan Ramis i Ramis de Maó – the Extended Erasmus University Charter (standard charter and student placements)

With it, our institution will participate, at least until the course 2013/14, in this european project and will benefit our Computer Science vocational students.

The main objectives of this program will be the following:

  • To obtain more practical experience exchanges abroad for our students and teachers, as it happens at the universities. Our higher studies are a pre-university study and our students can get ECVET credits.
  • To allow foreign students and teachers to visit our institution and have a practical training in our island.
  • To increase the number of people with a knowledge of foreign languages.
  • To allow foreign students and teachers to learn from our culture and languages.
  • To give a high quality education to our students
  • To accomplish the compromise of a continuous improvement as it is established in our Strategic Plan and in the list of compromises of our institution.

List of all higher education institutions holding a valid EUC for the academic year 2012/2013 (valid EUC until 2013)

Friday, May 27, 2011


We are working in the possibility to receive international computer students to work for a month in one of the companies that cooperate with us and where our own students do their stages. From this blog we offer this to whatever educational institution that might be interested. Just fell free to contact with us and ask for more information.

The basic idea would be the following:

* between one and three months in a company in Minorca: between January and March.

* The student must be able to communicate in Spanish, English or French.

* We would receive their Curriculum and send them to the companies for the final selection.

* We cannot offer payment to the students, so the best way would be if they have a Leonardo or similar.

* We would help the student to find a room with a family or help him/her to find a cheap hostel. It also depends in the languages they can communicate with.

Companies here are small computer shops and a telecommunications
company. Probably the most interesting for students is to see how
companies work in our island, improve their Spanish and get to know our nice
island (www.menorca.es ).

For further information can contact with us at:

Kico Borràs Palmer

+34 678533507


Skype username kicoborras (send an e-mail in advance to connect)

Erasmus application

Our High School has just applied to get the Extended Erasmus University Charter (standard charter and student placements). Now its time to wait and hope we will get it. It would be very interesting for our vocational students to be able to do part of their practical training abroad.

Student starting on the job training in Finland

Our student José Manuel Cabrera Simonet will do a practical Leonardo training in Kotka-Finland. He is a student of our micro informatics and networks two years course. He has being doing a spetial English course to improve his level prior his departure. He has also done a practical training in a local company in Es Castell.
On May 18th he started his training in the company Zecomputer. He is supposed to help developing web sites. We wish him an excellent stay in Finland and wait for his news.

2010: Practical training in Florence

Our student Vicente Roche stayed four weeks in Florence at a company called Linea Comune S.P.A. This was part of the Leonardo project. Linea Comune is an institutional company developing web sites, electronic administration, e-government, knowledge management systems, CRM, CMS, Local Networks, GIS, etc.

Two teachers form our High School visit Finland

Two Computer Science teachers from IES Joan Ramis i Ramis, Quin Xaudiera and Kico Borràs were in Finland (Jyväskylä, about 3 hours north from Helsinki). This was part of the VETPRO project. In Finland they met other teachers from the Balearic Islands (Cristina Camacho, at the picture, among them).
During they stay, could visit vocational studies schools, student residences and companies. One of the main objectives was to be able to send our students to Finland for future exchanges for on the job training.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Practical trainings at the United Kingdom: 2002 and 2003

The first experience our High School had in vocational studies exchanges was in 2002. We have contacted with the professor that organized the exchanges at that time (Domingo Freitas) to include the information in this Blog. We appreciate his help to recover these information.

In May 2002 our Higher degree in Computer Science student Estefanía Trilla Cabra went to Leeds for a practical training of 160 hours.

In May 2003 another student, Jordan Garriga, went to another company in the UK for also 160 hours of practical training. He learned a lot and improved his English skills.

Both on the job trainings were part of the Leonardo da Vinci project. The students stayed with a family and both stays were a success for both parts: the students and the host companies.