Thursday, June 25, 2015

Interview with our student April that has been in Wales for a Leonardo traineeship

April Jade Conte Piamonte: 
 Interview with
the Ramis Student that stays in Wales 

1.- Describe the place where you have done
your practicals 
I did my practicals in a company called Boyns Information Systems. 
Most of their works is helping PYMES by providing technical support via 
phone or on-site. They also do laptop and computer repairs. 
They sell computer stuff too. It is a small company with only about 
10 employees working in their nice newly built office.

2.- Where were you living? How was food?

I lived with a family in the town of Ruthin. It is a very quite place without
 much going on. The family who took care of me is very lovely.
The food is great if you like jacket potatoes, green peas and the 
occasional meat. Their plate is quite big so I often not finish my

3.- Do you think you were well prepared for the task you
did at work?
Yes. because I have basic understanding and IT knowledge that I learned 
from school. It's thanks to this that I did
quite well at work without needing a lot of explanations from them.

4.- Which cultural things you found more different
between Spain and Wales?
I'm really amazed that they drink a lot of coffee and tea. They drink 
about 5 cups a day compared to me that
only drink 2 at most. They also are very polite and seems formal to 
everyone. I really need to speak carefully to avoid saying something

5.- Will you go back to Wales?
Yes, I've accepted a job offer from the company that I've been doing 
my practicals so I'll
only be staying here in Menorca for about a week before going back to 
Wales. It was really unexpected that I still can't believe it myself.
I'm really excited about this opportunity!

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