Friday, May 17, 2013

Information to foreign students willing to have an Erasmus ICT traineeship with us

In our High School we coordinate Erasmus and Leonardo traineeships in Menorca. Comming to Menorca can be interesting to foreign students as:
  • We have agreement to interesting local companies.
  • Students get full support from our mobility coordination
  • We assign a mentor fellow local student to help him/her integration in local life.
  • We search for a room with local students to practice Spanish/Catalan languages. Price to be agreed by them.
  • We assign a tutor at the company. In you application you have to specify which languages you are fluent with, to assign the proper tutor.
  • They can practice Spanish and/or Catalan. Linguistic support by us.
  • Participating in High School life to get involved in our social activities.
  • You can discover the beautiful Island of Menorca. More info and pictures: Menorcaapata 
Local companies that receive our students:
  • Enginy web http://www.enginyweb.com   EnginyWeb is specialized in software development focuses to companies that want to get the most from the Internet oportunities.
  • Mabrian https://mabrian.com  Their exclusive system uses artificial intelligence to analyze people's conversations happening in social media, detect those interested in products or services related with your company, and contact the best candidates to generate new real customers
  • Sm2 http://www.sm2baleares.es/ SM2 is a company with its headquarters in Palma de Mallorca developing end-to-end enterprise solutions. They have Systems, development and infrastructures. In Menorca they are in charge of the main Hospital ICT (Mateu Orfila Hospital
  • App Informatica web site   
    App informàtica is a known ICT franchise in Spain. They sells and repairs computers, laptops and related material.  
  • 3webd www.3webd.com  3webd is a company located in Mahón that dessigns webs, develop programs, assess its customers and gives SEO and hosting services
The best time for us to receive students is from January until April. Other months can also be agreed with us.
For more information, you can contact with Kico Borràs: kborras@iesjoanramis.org 
To participate in the project we need to receive Letter of motivation and Curriculum Vitae of foreign students. We will send them to the local cooperating companies. More information about our institution: www.iesjoanramis.org

To the local companies companies: if you want to receive students please contact with with Kico Borràs: kborras@iesjoanramis.org 

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