Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Interview with an Erasmus+ student in Portugal - 2018

Joan Peláez: 
 Interview with
the Ramis Student that went to Portugal 

1.- Describe the place where you have done
your practicals 

Joan in Sintra
I’m doing the internship in Tagus park. The business is named CTB, short for Cross Border  Talents, they are a recruitment business, they also give the computer knowledge  (programming, for example) to people that don’t have it, so they can be eligible for the jobs.  It’s a small office, with around 10 people working here on training recruiters, find candidates  and marketing.

2.- Where were you living? How was food?
I live in Tercena, a small town in Barcarena, which is close to Sinta and Lisboa. I’m living in  a shared house which has a majority of African people in it, so cheers for cultural diversity,  The food is good, normally dishes here contain more food than their Spanish counterparts so  no problem regarding that whatsoever.

3.- Do you think you were well prepared for the task you
did at work?
I spend nearly all of my time programming, haven’t touched hardware since I’ve gotten  here, so the introduction we had on C really helped settle the fundaments for  programming, on which then I could build easily expanding my knowledge, I do Java  here, I language I didn’t know before, so C definitely helped in the beginning.  Overall I’d say that, yes, I’m well prepared for the job I’m doing here.

4.- Which cultural things you found more different
between Spain and Portugal?
People are not as open as in Spain, nonetheless, the differences are normally minimal as  both countries share a lot of things.
5.- Will you go back to Portugal?
Portugal is a beautiful unknown neighbour, which is a pitty, I might come back here  someday, probably not to Lisbon since I was there not a lot of time ago, so if I come back  here soon, it’ll be to explore the northern part of Portugal.


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